Environment & ethics

Prodeuce are well aware of both our direct environmental impact within our workplace and our custodial responsibilities when we purchase goods and services on behalf of our clients. This ensures we go beyond our standard recycling and green energy in the office. Prodeuce checks that any additional suppliers we engage are on a pathway to reduce their environmental impact by complying with our environmental guidelines for the supply chain.

At Prodeuce we ensure we mirror our client’s ethical policies. This covers issues such as bribery and corruption, anti slavery provisions for 3rd parties policy. Prodeuce are working towards enforcing non-discriminatory laws and policies for sustainable development in all areas we operate in for our clients.

At Prodeuce we ensure:

  • Environmentally friendly practices are at the forefront of our production
  • Machines have been fitted with water recycling systems
  • Further recycling occurs with plastic and paper
  • Paper is a sustainable resource. We have embraced the use of recycled, carbon neutral and sustainable papers by encouraging our clients to use these resources where possible.

Vegetable-based ink

Traditional mineral solvent based inks contribute to ever growing greenhouse gas emissions. 97% of all inks and varnishes we use are vegetable based with the key ingredients made from soy and linseed oil. Low waste pumping system deliver to presses, reducing waste and maximising efficiency.

Alcohol-free printing

Isopropyl alcohol used in fountain solutions is another source of greenhouse gas emissions and is the unpleasant odour in many printing plants. We are 99% alcohol free.